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The Benefits Of The LightStim LED Bed And Why You Should Try It

How The LightStim LED Bed Can Make You Look And Feel Ten Years Younger

At Glacier Bar, our mission is to offer services that provide an innovative approach to total wellness. Our clients trust us to help them look and feel their best, and one treatment that’s quickly becoming a fan favorite is our Lightstim LED Bed.

What is the Lightstim LED Bed?

LightStim is a non-invasive treatment method that uses specific wavelengths of light to increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation in the body. The LightStim LED Bed has more than 18,000 LED lights, each with its own unique healing properties.

How does LightStim work?

LightStim LED Bed emits multiple colors of light that provide fuel to the body’s cells, enabling them to function properly. When our cells are able to function as they should, the natural process of regeneration is triggered, causing the body to produce more collagen and elastin. More collagen and elastin means smoother, more supple skin, and fewer wrinkles. This is why LightStim is such an effective antiaging treatment.

Generalized inflammation causes the majority of the health and skin issues we experience today. The light emitted by the LightStim LED Bed inhibits the production of free radicals that cause damage to the cells, which reduces inflammation in the body. With less inflammation, you’ll experience an increase in endorphins which means you’ll recover faster from injuries and have a significant decrease in muscle and joint pain.

What other benefits can I expect from LightStim treatments?

The anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits of using the LightStim LED Bed are pretty remarkable, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface on the perks of being a LightStim devotee! Here are some of the other extensive benefits you might see:

  • Increased blood circulation
  • Reduced scarring after surgery
  • Healing of acne
  • Increased nitric oxide production, which protects against heart attacks and strokes
  • Increased use of fat for fuel
  • Protection from UV damage

Intrigued? There are so many reasons to give LightStim a try! Reach out to our amazing staff if you have any questions or if you’re curious to find out if  LightStim LED Bed treatment is for you.

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