LightStim Bed

Looking for a beautiful bed that is guaranteed to give you a good night’s rest right away? Are you hoping to cut down on the amount of caffeine that you’ve been drinking lately? If you answer to these two questions as, “Yes!”, then good news for you! The LightStim Bed can definitely help.

Using red light technology, the bed relaxes your body while increasing blood circulation. Thereby giving you that extra jolt of energy without giving you a bad case of the jitters.

What to Expect

Before your LightStim treatment, you will be given goggles and earbuds to block out light and sound, allowing you to relax. For the first 20 minutes of your session, you will lie on your back, and an anti-aging LED panel will be placed in front of your face.

After 20 minutes the lights will turn off for 30 seconds, indicating that it is time to turn over. Next, you will lie face down, placing your face in face cradle, and the lights will come back on for another 20 minutes.

Most clients report that LightStim therapy is like lying on a massage table that gently spreads warmth throughout the body.

What Happens Next

After your 40-minute session, you will feel deeply relaxed. Your body will feel warm and limber, and your skin will take on a tighter, more even appearance.



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