Shortly after giving birth to my beautiful baby girl, I developed an infection of the breast tissue, known as mastitis. I felt exhausted and run down, making it difficult to take care of myself, and my baby. And the swelling and tenderness in my breast made nursing incredibly painful.

My years of research and experience in health and wellness compelled me to take an unconventional route, to healing my body; I decided to give Cryotherapy a try.

Popular in Europe and Asia, Cryotherapy is a biohacking treatment that uses extreme temperatures to reduce inflammation and promote cell repair in the body.

A few sessions in the Cryotherapy chamber quite literally changed my life! It reduced the inflammation caused by the mastitis infection, increased my energy throughout the day, and dramatically improved the quality of my sleep. Cryotherapy gave me the stamina I needed to keep up with my kids and helped to improve my endurance levels (which later allowed me to train for and compete in Spartan races.)

Fast forward to 2018, and Glacier Bar Beauty Lab was born! I’m passionate about making Cryotherapy and other non-traditional treatments and Med Spa services accessible to everyone.



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