A combination of your mother’s favorite massage chair and open yoga mat, the Bemer is one biohacking machine that can be used to help get your blood flowing in a way that is clean and comforting to your body.

Using electromagnets to help open up your blood vessels, this machine causes vasomotion to occur. This way, the capillaries can open up inside of you, thereby promoting blood circulation so you’ll be nice and energized in time for your next yoga session.

What To Expect

The length of time for your Bemer treatment is dependent upon your goals and reasons for treatment. During your session, you will lie back as an increasing magnetic frequency is applied to your body. Most people report a slight tingling sensation or the feeling of a gentle massage during treatment. As the oxygen level in your blood rises and your circulation improves, you will feel relaxed, yet invigorated.

What Happens Next

Regular application of Bemer therapy is recommended to experience the full benefits. You can help maintain your results after treatment by drinking plenty of water, consuming healthy, nutritious foods, and avoiding alcohol.



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